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FileMaker 14 has been released

FileMaker has announced the release of version 14 of its powerful database and rapid development software.

This new version is now available for purchase and installation, however, MLC has not yet certified it for compatibility with existing versions of our qd documents™ software.

As is the case with all new software releases, we encourage users to wait until the software has been out in the field for a while before switching to it for live, critical applications.

If you decide to give FileMaker Pro 14 a try right now, here's one critical thing you need to understand -- FileMaker is moving from 32-bit to 64-bit, and version 14 is part of that transition. In fact, there are really two version 14s -- a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version.

Windows users must choose which version to install. On OS X, both versions are installed in the same package, and you can choose which version to run via the Info panel (64-bit is selected by default).

So why wouldn't you choose to run the 64-bit version? Compatibility. If your FileMaker solution is integrated with APIs or plugins, those APIs and plugins need to support 64-bit, too. If they don't, then you'll have to stick to the 32-bit version.

Makers of those integration products are rushing to upgrade to 64-bit. Some have already done so, some are working on it, and others may never make the change and will simply fade away. Our own qd documents application relies on a 32-bit plugin that hasn't yet been upgraded, but the developers promise us that their 64-bit version is on the way. Until that happens, the application needs to run as 32-bit.

In any case, version 14 is out the door, and it's got some great new features.

New project management classes

Managing discovery information is getting more complicated all the time, and the quantity of material being produced far exceeds anything we used to experience in the good old days of paper, Bates stamps, and file cabinets.

Project Management

If you're responsible for discovery projects, it isn't enough to understand the technology and the litigation, you need real project management skills and techniques.

We can help you and your staff acquire those skills and techniques. We've got a great set of classes for anyone who manages discovery projects.

We can conduct our classes in your offices to minimize disruption and expense. Or you can attend a scheduled, off-site class. We can even break our classes into smaller webinars that can be spread over time.

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Introduction to Litigation for eDiscovery Professionals

Law firms often scramble to keep up with the demands that electronic discovery imposes on technology staff. It’s common to add new people on short notice, and those people need to hit the ground running -- often with little training.

They know what they must know to do their jobs, but they don’t always know what they should know to be of most value to the litigators.


This white paper will help you to bridge the gap. It includes an overview of the litigation process and definitions of common litigation terms.

It will give you a better feel for how you -- an eDiscovery professional -- fit into the big picture. It also includes appendices that cover alternatives to litigation, and the different types of lawsuits typically handled by large firms.

This white paper is not intended to replace formal training. It's intended to give you a foundation on which you can build.

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